Olympic Village Food Truck Row – Quick and Easy Daily Lunch Options on the Go!

In the Village and looking for delicious food options when you’re in a hurry?  Look no further than the Food Truck row in Olympic Village Square on Manitoba St. !  A daily rotation of amazing food brought you by the best of the best food trucks in the city; whether it’s burgers, tacos, curries, lattes, grilled cheese or kebabs, these guys got you covered!  And if you’re wondering which food trucks will be parked there on which days, streetfoodapp.com/vancouver updates the list every day so you can plan what you’d like to eat before you head over…. or just have a walk by and try something new!!  Open and ready to serve you hot and tasty food- check em out!


List of some of food trucks serving Vancouver:

  1. Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck
  2.  Tacofino White Lightning
  3.  Vij’s Railway Express
  4.  Tacofino Blue Truck
  5.  JapaDog
  6.  Roaming Dragon
  7.  The Kaboom Box
  8.  Feastro The Rolling Bistro
  9.  Le Tigre Cuisine
  10.  Aussie Pie Guy
  11. Be Fresh Lunch Trike
  12. YOKABAI Burger
  13. Kafka’s Coffee
  14. JJ’s Hot Cobs
  15. JohnnyCantSurf Coffee
  16. The Main Squeeze
  17. Hula Girl Shaved Ice
  18. Taste of Heaven
  19. Old Country Pierogi 2
  20. The Truckeria
  21. Teaspressu
For a full list of food trucks visit streetfoodapp.com/vancouver